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Cover for Peril in the Old Country (Terribly Serious Darkness)

Peril in the Old Country (Terribly Serious Darkness)

Sam Hooker


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What terror lurks in the shadows of the Old Country?

Well, there are the goblins, of course. Then there are the bloodthirsty cannibals from nearby Carpathia, secret societies plotting in whispers, and murder victims found drained of their blood, to name a few. That's to say nothing of the multitude of government ministries, any one of which might haul one off for "questioning" in the middle of the night.

The Old Country is saturated with doom, and Sloot is scarcely able to keep from drowning in it. Each passing moment is certain to be his last, though never did fate seem so grim as the day he was asked to correct the worst report ever written. Will the events put in motion by this ghastly financial statement end in Sloot's grisly death? Almost definitely. Is that the worst thing that could happen? Almost definitely not.

Praise For Peril in the Old Country (Terribly Serious Darkness)

"Hooker demonstrates a delightfully firm grasp on absurdist fantasy . . . a gleeful caper rife with literary influences."  —Publishers Weekly

"Five stars . . . the best kind of bad fun."  —Foreword Reviews

"A kaleidoscope of absurdist humor, stunning imagery, and a fantastical plot. Hooker is an expert when it comes to dark humor, and it clearly shows."  —Booktrib

"A unique, deftly crafted, inherently fascinating, entertainingly riveting fantasy — the kind that will linger in the mind and memory of the reader long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf."  —Midwest Book Review

"Darker than the Douglas Adams universe, but lighter than Game Of Thrones, Peril In The Old Country hooks you in with its intriguing world-building, compelling characters, fantastical elements, interesting twists on the supernatural, and perfectly absurd dark humor."  —Geeks of Doom

"Hooker spins a very funny tale with some fairly complex characters, tense conflicts, philosophizing, a nicely realized setting, and line upon line of funniness. It’s also chock full of nasty goblins, secret societies, ancient wizards, undead armies, wizards, and a little of the stabby stuff.”  —Grimdark Magazine

Black Spot Books, 9780999742303, 302pp.

Publication Date: June 5, 2018

About the Author

Sam Hooker is a writer of darkly humorous fantasy novels about things like tyrannical despots and the masked scoundrels who tickle them without mercy. He knows all the best swear words, though he refuses to repeat them because he doesn't want to attract goblins. He is the author of The Winter Riddle. He lives in Mission Viejo, California.