Bury the Lead (Paperback)

By Cassondra Windwalker

Black Spot Books, 9780999742365, 280pp.

Publication Date: September 4, 2018

List Price: 14.99*
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Weekly newspaper editor Jeff Paine's mind is filled with the detritus of newspaper clippings, presidential tweets, crossword puzzles, and horoscopes. When his artist girlfriend Ada Grigori announces her intention to leave him, he becomes obsessed with finding—or manufacturing—connections between otherwise unrelated events. Driven by professional curiosity and unrelenting cynicism, Paine uses his newspaper to manipulate the people of his hometown of Brisby, Colorado into revealing the ugliness lurking beneath their placid exteriors. A series of dog mutilations and two barely-noticed disappearances set the town on edge, till Paine is able to frame himself for Ada's murder—even though her body has never been found, and there is no evidence of foul play. This book draws readers into the mind of a brilliant but highly unreliable narrator, forcing them to question their own perceptions of objective truth and the existence of a free press in a world where an unsubstantiated tweet can carry more power than an investigative report.

About the Author

Cassondra Windwalker earned a BA of Letters at the University of Oklahoma. She parlayed that highly marketable degree into degrees in bookselling and law enforcement before pursuing her writing career full time. Her poetry, short stories, and essays have been published in numerous literary journals. She is the author of Tell It Like It Was. She lives in Homer, Alaska.

Praise For Bury the Lead

"Excellently written, thought provoking, mind filling prose that will feed the mind and the soul in equal measures . . . This is a definite must read that demands conversation after the final pages."  —Literary License Podcast