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Cover for Big Themes of the Bible

Big Themes of the Bible

Grasping the Heart of Jesus's Message (Hobbs College Library)

Jon Morales, Heath A. Thomas (Editor)


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Big Themes of the Bible teaches readers to better understand the work of Christ as he’s revealed to us in some of the major themes of Scripture. Each of the big themes in this book – creation, forgiveness, people, presence, yoke, and healing – captures important aspects of the story of God and his good purposes for his creation.

Praise For Big Themes of the Bible: Grasping the Heart of Jesus's Message (Hobbs College Library)

“Jon Morales is one of the brightest young stars in the evangelical firmament, and Big Themes of the Bible reveals why. In it, he highlights the narrative coherence of the Bible, the relationship of the Old and New Testaments, and the importance of the church. He connects everything to Jesus’s message in a way that is accessible and helpful for college students, laypeople, and ministers. Highly recommended.”
—Bruce Riley Ashford, professor of theology and culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“Starting with an anecdotal story of six blind men, Morales gradually opens the reader’s eyes by tracing six big themes through the Bible. This book is an exercise in seeing—seeing and understanding the whole of the Christian story in the Bible. Morales has given us something accessible, informative, relevant, delightful!”
—Cornelis Bennema, academic dean and senior lecturer in New Testament, Union School of Theology, Wales, UK
“Jon Morales offers a readable and informative tour through several prominent biblical themes. The Bible is a big book, and Morales offers cogent and concise explanations as to what it is really about. A terrific resource for Bible studies!”
—Michael F. Bird, academic dean and lecturer in theology, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia
Big Themes of the Bible is a wonderful gift for today’s church. Jon Morales writes with wit, wisdom, and faithfulness to Scripture that cultivates a love for God’s Word. Today’s disciple faces the daunting task of bearing witness in a post-Christian culture. If we are going to effectively call people into the better story of the gospel, it is essential that we know the comprehensive story of the Bible. Big Themes helps us do just that.”
—Chris Brooks, senior pastor, Woodside Bible Church, Troy, MI, and radio host, Moody Radio’s Equipped with Chris Brooks
Big Themes of the Bible offers a beautiful survey of six major subjects in the Bible—creation, forgiveness, people, presence, yoke, and healing—that is clear and accessible. Tying both the Old Testament and the New Testament together, this book points to the unifying message of Jesus. For the new believer or the more experienced leader-servant in a church, Big Themes of the Bible will encourage you to grow in your walk with God and in the knowledge of his Word.”  
—Tara Dew, adjunct professor in the Ministry Wives Certificate Program, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
“Jon Morales’s Big Themes of the Bible is a masterful combination of deep thinking, careful research, pointed application, and a call to transformation. The careful reader is sure to ponder deeply, stand in awe, and weep over the grace of God in Christ as presented in this volume. It is a masterful treasure for both the seeker and the servant. I consider it a must-read for those who want clarity about our need for the gospel and Jesus’s accomplishment for us.”
—L. Scott Kellum, professor of New Testament and Greek, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“The story of God redeeming his people is a powerful, gripping, and yet simple story. Indeed, we sometimes overcomplicate its truths to the point that we lose our wonder over the grace of God. Big Themes of the Bible seeks to present that story clearly and concisely by focusing on the themes of creation, forgiveness, people, presence, yoke, and healing. Central to these themes is Jesus Christ, to whom the author directs us over and over again. Dr. Morales wants us to see more of Jesus, and he accomplishes that goal. You will find this book both informative and inspiring.”
—Chuck Lawless, vice president for spiritual formation and ministry centers, dean of doctoral studies, Richard and Gina Headrick Chair of World Missions, and professor of evangelism and missions, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“This book by Morales is simple, yet profound. By tracing six central themes, he is able to accurately and skillfully present an overview of the message of the Bible. This book is not mere Christian fluff but is written by someone with a firm grasp of the Bible and a shepherd’s heart. A great addition to the Hobbs College Library series.”
—Benjamin L. Merkle, professor of New Testament and Greek, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“To write an introduction to the main themes of the Bible in just a hundred pages is a difficult task, but Morales has succeeded admirably. Not only does this book handle Scripture faithfully, but it is also clear, concise, interesting, engaging, and inspiring. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to get a grasp of basic Christian beliefs.”
—Charles L. Quarles, research professor of New Testament and biblical theology, and Charles Page Chair of Biblical Theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

B&H Academic, 9781087712987, 128pp.

Publication Date: January 15, 2021

About the Author

Jon Morales serves as campus pastor, Woodside Bible Church, Royal Oak campus, Royal Oak, MI.