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Up-Close & Personal

In-Country, Chieu Hoi, Vietnam 1969-1970

Robert C. Bogison


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The Vietnam War has tormented American consciousness for more than half a hundred years, and shows no sign of flagging. Up-Close & Personal is a signal contribution to understanding that drawn-out conflict from a soldier's point of view, informed by knowledge gained from being "up-close" at the basic, ground-pounding or river-patrolling combat level. The author pulls no punches. Detail is uncompromising, hard, often excruciating. All this amid the tumult of politicized youth on the home front shouting "Make love not War" and "Tune in drop out." Drugs, sex and blind resistance to authority that exported its rot to the military in Vietnam. Morale collapsed. Army leadership went adrift along with its management of the war. 1969-1970, the era covered by this book, was the nadir. That the stalwarts who dubbed themselves "Bushwhackers" were actually Military Police assigned an infantry role -- and thus unique in U.S. military history -- makes the tale all the more compelling. "A minor masterpiece of gritty detail . . . "Bog" Bogison brings the Vietnam War ground and riverine experience to vivid life for a new generation of readers." David Poyer, author of Deep War and Overthrow."A readable account, full of remarkably granular detail about one soldier's experience in a frustrating war." -- Arnold R. Isaacs, author, Vietnam Shadows: The War, Its Ghosts, and Its Legacy. "Not written by a journalist or historian but by someone who was on the ground, "Up-front & Personal." It starts out interesting and, page by page, becomes compelling." Captain Kathleen Kelley, NC-USN (Retired).

Independently Published, 9781097969142, 518pp.

Publication Date: June 10, 2019