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Cover for Sign of the White Foal

Sign of the White Foal

Chris Thorndycroft


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As the Saxons carve out a kingdom in the east, a hero of the Britons rises in the west ...

North Wales, 480 A.D. For years the seven kingdoms of Venedotia have been ruled by a high-king called the 'Pendraig'. But the Pendraig has died and his sons, Cadwallon and Owain, must fight to retain their birthright from their envious cousins. As civil war consumes Venedotia, Arthur - a young warrior and bastard son of the Pendraig - is sent on a perilous quest that will determine the fate of the kingdom.

The Morgens; nine priestesses of the Mother Goddess have found the cauldron of rebirth - a symbol of otherworldly power - and have allied themselves with the enemy. Arthur and six companions are dispatched to the mysterious island of Ynys Mon to steal the cauldron and break the power of the Morgens. Along the way they run into the formidable Guenhuifar whose family have been stewards of Ynys Mon for generations. They need her help. The trouble is, Guenhuifar despises Arthur's family and all they stand for...

Based on the earliest Arthurian legends, Sign of the White Foal is a rip-roaring adventure of Celtic myth and real history set in the ruins of post-Roman Britain.

- "A Unique Arthurian Retelling " - Amazon reviewer

Independently Published, 9781099698132, 328pp.

Publication Date: May 24, 2019