Think Like a Futurist (Hardcover)

Know What Changes, What Doesn't, and What's Next

By Cecily Sommers

Jossey-Bass, 9781118147825, 254pp.

Publication Date: October 9, 2012

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Push past resistance to discover and own new businessterritories

Think Like a Futurist shows how to track changes, explorequestions, and engage in new thinking that connects today'spressures with tomorrow's realities. Cecily Sommers shows how toapply long-term focus and strategies to needs as diverse asindustry forecasts, innovation challenges, leadership development, or future-proofing a brand. By understanding intersectingpotentials that one day may impact your organization, you canreadily spot emerging trends and market shifts, uncoveringopportunities on the horizon.

Think Like a Futurist explores such questions as: Wherewill new markets emerge over the next 5-10-25 years? What will bethe big issues of the day? How will lifestyle, social mores, andpolicy adapt? And what role do we play in that future?

  • Offers a clear framework for thinking like a futurist, anddirection for how to integrate it in high-pressure corporateenvironments
  • Explains how the social, economic, and environmental crises ofour time spring from just four constant and predictable forces
  • Reveals the three dramatic disruptions on the horizon thatshould be a part of every strategic conversation
  • Written by Cecily Sommers the Founder and President of The PushInstitute, a non-profit think tank that tracks significant globaltrends and their implications for business, government, andnon-profit.

Filled with tools and models for a new world, this book shouldbe required reading for strategists and innovators acrossdisciplines.

"Refreshing. A book that does not follow today'spush to be 'innovative' just to snag attention becauseof the current hot trending keyword. Matter of fact, CecilySommers' book works to get us away from simply identifyingand going for a ride on the latest trend(s) in our respectiveindustries.

Quite the contrary, rather than avoid a scientific or tacticaldiscussion of trend identification, she works to give us theability to go beyond trends and into the future.

Cecily has drafted a book providing a nice blend of practicalreality, philosophy, and practical execution. It speaks wellto current discussions about how to drive 'innovation'or, better, creativity within your businesses--however largeor small.

All in, this is a book 254 pages long, including index, that iswritten at a practical level that, after closer study following aninitial read-through, provides a methodology for anticipating thefuture and taking action to meet it.

Provides a methodology for anticipating the future and takingaction to meet it.

Think Like a Futurist is a good read for anyone struggling withhow to move their organization forward. Business leaders, product and program managers, service providers will all find theconcepts Cecily introduces to be well laid-out with a reasonableamount of supporting content."--The source is a blog: http: //

About the Author

Cecily Sommers is the founder and president of The Push Institute, a non-profit think tank that tracks significant global trends and their implications for business, government, and the non-profit sector. A global trends analyst and popular speaker, she helps organizations understand and prepare for emerging technologies, markets, and ideas. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.