#edjourney (Hardcover)

A Roadmap to the Future of Education

By Grant Lichtman

Jossey-Bass, 9781118898581, 304pp.

Publication Date: September 9, 2014

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Your formula for managing innovation and transforminglearning

#EdJourney: A Roadmap to the Future of Education is arefreshing change from the negativity so common in the world ofeducation today. Over the course of a 3-month solo road trip acrossthe United States, author Grant Lichtman discovered that there ismuch to be positive about in today's K-12 schools. Lichtman, one ofthe country's leading experts in educational innovation, interviewed over 600 teachers, administrators, students, parents, and trustees to find out what kind of innovations they're doingright--and how others can leverage their successes.

Innovation in education takes hard work, planning, andcooperation. With examples from around the country and findingsfrom the latest education research, #EdJourney maps out howadministrators and teachers can embrace the innovation process thatschools and learners need now. Today's 21st century educationpresents unique challenges and opportunities to students, and thisis a trailblazing practical guide to making sure education is readyfor the future. #EdJourney focuses on four keyquestions:

  • What new learning strategies are the top schools implementingto prepare our students for their future rather than for ourpast?
  • How do teachers and administrators manage transitions to newtypes of teaching and learning?
  • What are the key obstacles to shifting away from the assemblyline model of education?
  • How can we all leverage the lessons of success from the mostinnovative schools?

The concrete examples and advice in this book will help youbring innovation and educational design concepts into your school.#EdJourney goes beyond the theoretical need forchange--by now a familiar topic to almost everyone--andtakes a real-world approach to achieving transformative educationin any school.

About the Author

GRANT LICHTMAN is a senior fellow with The MartinInstitute for Teaching Excellence, a consultant to the NationalBusiness Officers Association, and works with K-12 schoolsaround the country on aspects of innovation and strategic planning.He blogs at The Learning Pond, and has written for ISTE Learningand Leading, Independent School Magazine, and otherpublications.