The Responsible Entrepreneur (Hardcover)

Four Game-Changing Archetypes for Founders, Leaders, and Impact Investors

By Carol Sanford

Jossey-Bass, 9781118910757, 208pp.

Publication Date: July 14, 2014

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"Individuals, acting on deeply held beliefs and passion, areboldly imagining and bringing into existence a different world...Whether you're a business entrepreneur, a social entrepreneur, aninvestment entrepreneur, or an academic, artistic, or civil servantentrepreneur, devour this important and wise book."--From theForeword by John Fullerton

Responsible entrepreneurs are a special breed, seeking totransform industries and even society itself. They challenge andrefine cultural assumptions, laws, regulations, and even theprocesses of governance. This requires them to do and think farbeyond what is usually required of business leaders.

The Responsible Entrepreneur offers a blueprint for thisnew kind of business leadership, describing the means by which anyentrepreneur can pursue a higher order of work. In it, CarolSanford, one of the most trusted names in responsible businessdevelopment, brings her vast expertise in helping executives andcorporations to the entrepreneur looking to launch and scale aventure. She maps this journey through four archetypes:

  • The Realizing Entrepreneur: Industry Game-Changer
  • The Reconnection Entrepreneur: Society Game-Changer
  • The Reciprocity Entrepreneur: Culture Game-Changer
  • The Regenerative Entrepreneur: Governance Game-Changer

By understanding the archetype most aligned with their goals, entrepreneurs will learn how to grow their business into a powerfulplatform that can leverage change, and even change the foundationsthat create our most pressing problems and issues. To illustratethese principles in action, The Responsible Entrepreneurfeatures case studies based on long-term work and in-depthinterviews with Google Innovation Labs, Indigenous Designs (theprimary supplier for Eileen Fisher), FishPeople (who supply Costcoand Google with gourmet seafood entrees), and many more.

For entrepreneurs seeking to pursue world-changing results, orimpact investors looking to align their capital with their values, The Responsible Entrepreneur provides the frameworks tobuild a business and to evaluate and direct investments to createthe greatest benefit for all stakeholders.

For anyone who wants to make a difference in the way businessesaffect the world, The Responsible Entrepreneur lays out waysto make that aspiration focused and doable.

About the Author

Carol Sanford is founder and CEO of the ResponsibleEntrepreneur Institute and Essence Alignment Co., a globalconsultancy. She has worked with clients such as DuPont, P&G, Intel, Agilent, and Seventh Generation, and has taught atuniversities including MIT, University of Michigan, and Universityof Toronto. She blogs for The Economist, CNBC, CSRWire, StanfordSocial Innovation Review, and other outlets. She is also theauthor of the award-winning book The Responsible Business(Jossey-Bass, 2011). She lives in Seattle. For more information, please visit