The End of Memory (Hardcover)

A Natural History of Aging and Alzheimer’s

By Jay Ingram

Thomas Dunne Books, 9781250076489, 304pp.

Publication Date: September 29, 2015

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It is a wicked disease that robs its victims of their memories, their ability to think clearly, and ultimately their lives. For centuries, those afflicted by Alzheimer's disease have suffered its debilitating effects while family members sit by, watching their loved ones disappear a little more each day until the person they used to know is gone forever. The disease was first described by German psychologist and neurologist Alois Alzheimer in 1906. One hundred years and a great deal of scientific effort later, much more is known about Alzheimer's, but it still affects millions around the world, and there is no cure in sight.

In The End of Memory, award-winning science author Jay Ingram writes a biography of this disease that attacks the brains of patients. He charts the history of the disease from before it was noted by Alois Alzheimer through to the twenty-first century, explains the fascinating science of plaques and tangles, recounts the efforts to understand and combat the disease, and introduces us to the passionate researchers who are working to find a cure.

An illuminating biography of "the plague of the twenty-first century" and scientists' efforts to understand and, they hope, prevent it, The End of Memory is a book for those who want to find out the true story behind an affliction that courses through families and wreaks havoc on the lives of millions.

About the Author

JAY INGRAM is an award-winning science author, writer, and broadcaster. He was co-host and producer of Discovery Channel Canada's Daily Planet from 1995 to 2011, and he is the author of twelve previous books. He lives in Alberta, Canada.

Praise For The End of Memory: A Natural History of Aging and Alzheimer’s

"In this deft overview, science writer Jay Ingram unravels the complexities of the science past and present." —Nature

“In this riveting tale of Alzheimer's disease, Canadian science writer Ingram elegantly traces the history of the persistent and devastating ailment and the many medical researchers who have contributed to the public's understanding of it. ... With crackerjack storytelling and fast-paced prose, Ingram examines recent research into Alzheimer's. ... Ingram's first-rate medical writing makes this excellent history a must-read.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A cogent and informative history of the disease and overview of current research. ... In clear, accessible, and upbeat prose, Ingram demonstrates his optimism about the possibility of aging and an agile mind, and he is hopeful about finding an effective treatment for sufferers.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Highly readable and informative, this work is strongly recommended for readers interested in medicine, scientific research, or pathology.” —Library Journal (starred review)

“Ingram's refreshing voice transforms mysteries into compelling reading. In the tradition of Stephen Jay Gould and Oliver Sacks, [Ingram] manages a difficult trick-making the minutiae of science seem alluring to the uninitiated.” —Maclean’s (Canada)

“Jay Ingram has taken on the role of alchemist: he turns the lead of scientific jargon into literary gold.” —Calgary Herald (Canada)

“Ingram is a wizard at transforming complex curiosities of the natural and physical sciences into entertaining anecdotes.” —The Edmonton Sun (Canada)

“Ingram, a veteran science writer and television host, combines snappy writing with interesting and unusual science.” —Booklist