White Peak (Hardcover)

A Thriller

By Ronan Frost

St. Martin's Press, 9781250130082, 336pp.

Publication Date: May 21, 2019

List Price: 27.99*
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Ronan Frost's White Peak is a fast-paced action thriller full of death-defying adventure.

Greg Rask, a dying tech billionaire, has invested millions chasing miracle cures. None of them are worth a damn, but he refuses to give up. Now, he’s gathering a team willing to go to the ends of the earth chasing life.

Each of Rask's crew has beaten incredible odds to rise from the ashes of their old lives to where they are now. Together, their next task is to retrieve a painting that is believed to hide a map which, if genuine, marks it as a treasure of the Ahnenerbe, the occult wing of the SS, who had devoted dozens of expeditions in search of the three cintamani stones for their combined properties, and the lost city where they were rumored to lay hidden: Shambhala. But a mystical brotherhood sworn to protect the secrets of the ancients—the same secrets that allow its members to defy death—will stop at nothing to ensure that Rask’s crew fail.

In an adrenalin-pumping quest through some of the most savage terrains known to man, the crew will be pushed to the limits of endurance and beyond.

About the Author

In another life, RONAN FROST worked for the British Ministry of Defence. During the last year of the Cold War his main duties involved liaison with intelligence operatives working behind the Iron Curtain, and after Glasnost and Perestroika changed the geopolitical face of the Eastern Bloc he found himself working mainly with the Royal Navy during Operation Granby during the first Gulf War. After leaving, he worked alongside economic experts developing a plan for rationalization and centralization of the British Royal Navy which was presented to the House of Commons. Now retired from that career, he lives in Europe with his wife and dog, enjoying a much quieter life. White Peak is Ronan Frost's first novel.

Praise For White Peak: A Thriller

“A tale of a discovery no one expected, chilling not only because of its location, but because of the consequences it may hold for the world in general, White Peak will hold the reader in its grasp long after the novel is finished.” —New York Journal of Books

"The satisfying open ending promises more adventures to come. Credible characters and swift, unrelenting action make this a winner..." —Publishers Weekly

"Those who love action adventure with a dose of the supernatural, as in the work of Jonathan Maberry, will enjoy this one, and the cliff-hanger ending suggests more to come from these characters." —Booklist

"Ronan Frost writes in a crisp and to-the-point voice. It’s hard to put the book down once you fall for that revenge plot. Which opens into a Da Vince Code’esque, mystery. Then that opens into an adventure plot. Which opens into an open-ended reveal that showcases a much deeper idea at play." —Ain't It Cool