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Cover for The Pan-Industrial Revolution

The Pan-Industrial Revolution

How New Manufacturing Titans Will Transform the World

Richard D'Aveni


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A stunning look at what will happen to global industry as 3-D printing quickly becomes a worldwide phenomenon–and how this will influence our economic and geopolitical landscape.
Best-selling author Richard D’Aveni contends that the advent of massive, industrial-scale 3-D printing is already happening quietly under the radar, and that it will have a far-reaching impact that most corporate and governmental leaders have yet to anticipate or understand.

3-D printing, now called additive manufacturing, has moved far beyond a desktop technology used by hobbyists to churn out trinkets and toys. In this eye-opening account, D’Aveni reveals how recent breakthrough advances have been secretly adapted by powerful Fortune 500 companies so that they can now manufacture jet engines, huge turbines, airplanes, automobiles, and so much more in a greatly shortened time frame.  

Not only is this revolutionary technology transforming the landscape of manufacturing everywhere, but as D’Aveni contends, it is also destined to have a dramatic effect on the world economy. A handful of massively powerful corporations—what D’Aveni calls pan-industrials—will become as important as any tech giant in re-structuring the global order.

Praise For The Pan-Industrial Revolution: How New Manufacturing Titans Will Transform the World

"Digitized manufacturing—using 3D printers...could transform the global economy...Thought-provoking ideas about the implications of an important type of technology in which investment is rising fast.” – Wall Street Journal   “There are few authors with the prescience that D’Aveni has had. Each of his books accurately predicted major shifts in the nature of competition and the economy. With The Pan-Industrial Revolution, he has done it again and readers should pay attention if they don’t want to miss out.”Gary Hamel, Professor, London Business School, Director, Management Lab, author of Future ofManagement and What Matters Now     "Richard D'Aveni's The Pan-Industrial Revolution is much more than a 'must read.' It is a 'page turner,' a 'thriller.' Herein is a compelling saga of a Spanking New Industrial Revolution barreling toward us at lightning speed. Even if D'Aveni is only half right, the impact will be staggering."Tom Peters, bestselling author of IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE     “Mix bits and atoms and multiply by Moore’s Law.  The result is additive manufacturing — and the pan-industrial revolution. D’Aveni delivers a clear and compelling roadmap of this revolution that highlights both the opportunities and perils of what lies ahead.”Paul Saffo, Chair, Future Studies, Singularity University     “D’Aveni has really done his homework to understand the latest innovation in the 3D printing world.  He’s able to use the deep insight from his research to see into the future at how 3D printing technology will be at the center of the global design and manufacturing industry’s digital transformation, as well as the potential implications of that seismic change on an economic, governmental, societal, and human level. The pan-industrial digital revolution he so astutely describes is not only feasible, it’s already happening.”Stephen Nigro, President of 3D Printing, HP Inc.     “We’re consumed with news about new technologies like additive manufacturing, but few are exploring the implications or these technologies. This book addresses two key questions: Where’s the money? What are the broader economic and social implications? We need to avoid getting consumed by the technologies and to expand our horizons to anticipate what is ahead.”John Hagel, Founder and Chairman of the Center for the Edge     “Dr. D’Aveni’s book offers a thought-provoking glimpse into how digital technologies are changing our world. The Pan-Industrial Revolution traces how additive manufacturing is emerging in combination with information-rich industrial platforms to positively impact the next generation of global manufacturing.”Mark Mondello, CEO, Jabil, Inc.

Harper Business, 9781328955906, 320pp.

Publication Date: October 16, 2018

About the Author

A professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, RICHARD D’AVENI is the author of the bestseller Hypercompetition, and  is recognized as one of the world’s top management strategists by Thinkers50.  His Harvard Business Review column, “3-D Printing Will Change the World,” is among the most popular columns ever published in the history of the magazine. He lives in New Hampshire.