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Soof (Digital Audiobook)

By Sarah Weeks

Publication Date: October 8, 2018

Other Editions of This Title:
Paperback (5/5/2020)
Hardcover (10/9/2018)
CD-Audio (10/9/2018)


In this stand-alone follow-up to Sarah Weeks's beloved So B. It, a girl who the world might see as weird finds her footing and stands her ground.

All her life, Aurora has heard stories about Heidi and all the good luck she brought Aurora's family. Aurora, though, doesn't feel very lucky. The kids at school think she's weird. And she's starting to think her mom thinks she's weird, too. Especially compared to Heidi.On the eve of a visit from Heidi, more bad luck hits Aurora's family. There's a fire in their attic, destroying a good part of their house. And, even worse, Aurora's beloved dog goes missing. Aurora and her family have always believed in soof -- Heidi's mom's word for love. But sometimes even when soof is right there in front of you, you still need to find it -- and that's exactly what Aurora is going to do.

About the Author


Sarah Weeks did extensive research for the making of this book, including making her own nail polish from scratch. She’s delighted to report that when she does school visits, the boys seem as eager to try polishing their nails as the girls. When not brainstorming names for new nail polish colors or painting her toe nails to look like bumblebees, Sarah writes widely acclaimed novels, including PIE; SO B. IT; OGGIE COODER; OGGIE COODER: PARTY ANIMAL; and AS SIMPLE AS IT SEEMS. She lives in New York and can be found on the web at