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The Watchmaker's Child

L. M. Warren


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Wendy is the real "wizard" of the Diamond Empire, a kingdom built on gadgets, robotics and a free market society.Using her ultracomputer and her Cadabra-wide surveillance system, she can spy on everybody and plan their futures, playing God and pulling the strings. But Wendy's secret is spreading quickly.Conspiracies abound about her father being dead and her entire royal ancestry being a sham.What will the kings of Cadabra do once they find out Wendy is just a lonely teenage girl holding unlimited resources and power? Wendy's villains are increasing.Conspiracy buffs, violent protesters, witch covens, assassins, vigilantes and multinational corporations are all determined to destroy the "Diamond Standard" and break the hold that the Diamond Empire has on the Cadabra economy. It's going to take an act of God to prevent a World War...or at least the sharp mind of a watchmaker's child., 9781387155484, 658pp.

Publication Date: August 17, 2017