Getting Ahead in the U.S. [With CDROM and Paperback Book] (Compact Disc)

By Living Language (Manufactured by)

Living Language, 9781400006625, 400pp.

Publication Date: November 3, 2009



"Getting Ahead in the U.S." doesn't just teach English; it teaches everything you need to know about living and being successful in the U.S. This program will help you:
-Perfect Your English. Learn advanced and specialized vocabulary, master pronunciation, and fine-tune your grammar.
-Sound More Natural. Master hundreds of essential idiomatic expressions with a bonus idiom flashcard CD-ROM.
-Learn How to Survive in the U.S. Get practical advice and know-how on any situation, from finding a job or asking for a raise to buying a car or using government services.
-Understand American Attitudes and Values. See how they shape American culture so you can interact effectively with new friends, colleagues, and neighbors.
If you're an immigrant living in the U.S., you know that English language skills are just half the battle. You also need to learn how to get by in a new country and an unfamiliar culture. That's why "Getting Ahead in the U.S." is designed to address your needs as a high-level ESL student while also giving you essential advice on everyday life and supplying you with indispensable cultural information. This single program can answer all of your questions on how to get ahead in the U.S.
"Getting Ahead in the U.S." is an advanced ESL program for speakers of any language.