German Without the Fuss (Paperback)

By Helga Schier

Living Language, 9781400020836, 400pp.

Publication Date: August 17, 2004



Want to brush up on your German, but you re traumatized by the memory of your grammar-obsessed high school teacher? Planning a trip to Germany, Switzerland, or Austria but don t have the time, patience, or money for a 15-week course? Well, you're in luck. German Without the Fuss will teach you the everyday German spoken on the streets of Berlin and Vienna and you won't have to cram down long lists of verb conjugations.
15 simple lessons do all the right things to help you learn fast:
Nontraditional teaching methods help you understand, speak, and soon think in German without obsessing over details.
Funny, convincing dialogues let you speak naturally and stay motivated.
Practical, up-to-date vocabulary and slang keep you from sounding like a textbook.
Lifestyle, popular-culture, and history notes make you feel like an insider from the start.
Smart activities give you plenty of opportunity to practice.
A simple, straightforward approach to grammar teaches what's really useful without nit-picking and technical jargon.
German Without the Fuss will fill your free moments with fun and do wonders for your German in a matter of weeks
You ll also find references for German Internet sites, movies, and music; an extensive glossary; a grammar summary; and maps of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein. "Viel Spass und gute Reise "
Practice for a flawless accent with the one-hour audio CD contains dialogues, spoken by native speakers