The Wake-Up (Paperback)

By Robert Ferrigno, Ferrigno

Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, 9781400033874, 272pp.

Publication Date: August 9, 2005



When Frank Thorpe, a deeply moral former undercover operative, sees a hard-charging art dealer knock down a Latino child in LAX airport, he decides to teach him a lesson. But Thorpe's plans get a little out of hand, and Thorpe becomes immersed in a criminal underworld peopled by a drug dealing surfer with a socially-climbing wife, two mentally challenged goons with a penchant for violence, and a vicious Romanian named Vlad. The Wake-Up is an absolutely irresistible, outrageously comic thriller that starts off with a bang and never lets up until the end.

About the Author

Robert Ferrigno is the author of seven previous novels, including "Scavenger" "Hunt," "Flinch," and the best-selling "The Horse Latitudes." He lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest. His Web site is

Praise For The Wake-Up

"A taut thriller, shot through with vivid characters and Southern California strangeness." --The Seattle Times


"Startling and funny. . . . Reminds one of Elmore Leonard at his most playful, and this is a very good thing." --The Washington Times


"Darkly funny, crisply written and tough to put down." --The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


"Brilliant. . . . Enthralling. . . . a black comedy...a study of pathology.... It's a complicated, exciting book." --Chicago Sun-Times