The Silence We Keep: A Nun's View of the Catholic Priest Scandal (Paperback)

A Nun's View of the Catholic Priest Scandal

By Karol Jackowski

Harmony, 9781400050567, 224pp.

Publication Date: March 22, 2005



In this uplifting and empowering call to action, Karol Jackowski, a nun for more than forty years, speaks out about her life and vocation, women in the Church, the sexual scandal in the priesthood and why the Catholic hierarchy won’t fix it, and how Catholics will take back their Church.

About the Author

Karol Jackowski has been a nun since 1964. She lives in New York City, where she is a member of the Sisters for Christian Community. She is the bestselling author of Ten Fun Things to Do Before You Die and Sister Karol's Book of Spells and Blessings.

Praise For The Silence We Keep: A Nun's View of the Catholic Priest Scandal

“Jackowski breaks her silence eloquently, honestly. . . . Her book succeeds by virtue of her passion, intelligence, and love.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“With precision, clarity, and a loving heart, Sister Karol Jackowski throws the doors of the church scandal wide open in a primer that tells the story of how we got here, what went wrong, and how to fix it. Her voice is strong, her facts compelling, and her aim true. All faithful of good conscience should listen. I highly recommend this book.” —Adriana Trigiani, author of The Big Stone Gap Trilogy and Lucia, Lucia

“Breaking the code of silence that has been bred into nuns over the course of centuries, Sister Karol speaks out.” —Booklist

“With this book, Karol Jackowski rips the lid off the sexual scandal that has shamed every Catholic since those decades-old whispers of priests abusing children turned to shouts and headlines.” —Lorenzo Carcaterra, author of Sleepers and Street Boys