New Life After Divorce: The Promise of Hope Beyond the Pain (Paperback)

The Promise of Hope Beyond the Pain

By Bill Butterworth

Waterbrook Press, 9781400070954, 176pp.

Publication Date: May 17, 2005



It's the End of Your Marriage-Not Your Life.

Few experiences bring more pain than divorce. Like the death of a loved one, divorce plunges us into grief and loneliness, heartache and depression. Perhaps worst of all, divorce makes us believe that all that is meaningful and joyful has come to an end. Do not believe it.

Better Days Are Just Ahead.

You already know that divorce is one of the greatest challenges you will ever face. Yet it also can trigger tremendous growth in several key areas, including your relationships, the way you see yourself, and how you live out your faith. No one is calling divorce a blessing. But it is something that you will live through and that can help to powerfully transform you into the person God has created you to be.

Whether you are in the earliest stages of divorce, are newly single again, are processing an earlier divorce, or know someone whose marriage is ending, New Life After Divorce offers encouragement and hope that this new life will be a good life-and the promise that healing, strength, purpose, and joy are around the corner.

About the Author

Bill Butterworth knows firsthand the process of working through a divorce. His extraordinary ability to blend humor, storytelling, wisdom, and practicality has made him one of the most sought after speakers in venues throughout North America. A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, he was on the counseling staff of Chuck Swindoll's Insight for Living for seven years and has authored over a dozen books. Bill lives with his wife, Kathi, in Newport Beach, California.

Praise For New Life After Divorce: The Promise of Hope Beyond the Pain

Praise for New Life After Divorce

“When divorce drains you of hope, this book can refill you with encouragement, optimism, and plans for a brighter future. My friend Bill Butterworth isn't an armchair pontificator; his wise and biblical advice flows out of his own heartbreak and new life. Let your journey toward recovery begin now!”
–Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ and The Case for a Creator

“If you’re divorced, then you’re in the “club”--The Walking Wounded Club--where a lifetime membership came wrapped in a broken heart. Come to these words and hear about the only One who is able to carry the wounded--our merciful God who heals and restores and redeems. He is the God of Glory, and He promises to make your broken life new.”
--Angela Thomas, speaker and author of Do You Think I’m Beautiful?

“Bill Butterworth's New Life After Divorce is a channel of God's love to people in pain. Divorce breaks God's heart and the hearts of its victims, but Bill reminds us through his own vulnerability that it happens--even in the church. By reading New Life After Divorce, you'll be assured that hope can live again, even when you think it can't.”
–Thom Lemmons, author of Jabez

“Bill takes you through an honest journey of life after divorce, providing you with encouragement, hope, and practical suggestions for personal growth and healing.”
–Dr. Roger Tirabassi, pastoral counselor

New Life After Divorce is a light for an often dark path.  Bill Butterworth's honesty, humor, and vision for the future provide practical direction, as well as graceful encouragement for those going through the difficulties of divorce.  Thank you, Bill, for this much needed handbook of hope!”
–Sharon Hersh, author of “Mom, Everyone Else Does!” and “Mom, I Hate My Life!”

“Many know Bill Butterworth as a master communicator and humorist.  In New Life After Divorce you will come to know him as a friend who walks humbly, authentically, and candidly with those who know firsthand the ugly reality of marriage breakdown and wonder if there is any hope for their future.  Bill has lived every word of this book.  You will find life in every page.”
–Gene Appel, Associate Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church