The Confident Hope of a Miracle: The True Story of the Spanish Armada (Paperback)

The True Story of the Spanish Armada

By Neil Hanson

Vintage Books USA, 9781400078172, 489pp.

Publication Date: February 14, 2006



The story of the Spanish Armada is one of the great epics, with a cast of characters as rich and varied as any in history and results that shaped Europe for centuries to come. Neil Hanson -- acclaimed author of The Great Fire of London -- traces the origins of the conflict from the Old World to the New, delineating the Armada campaign in rousing prose. He illuminates the lives of kings and popes, spymasters and assassins, military commanders and common sailors, and the ordinary men and women caught up in this great event when the fate of nations hung in the balance. The Confident Hope of a Miracle is authentic and original history written with the pace and drama of a novel.

About the Author

Neil Hanson is the author of The Custom of the Sea and The Great Fire of London. He lives in the Yorkshire Dales in England.

Praise For The Confident Hope of a Miracle: The True Story of the Spanish Armada

“Hanson's precise and sparkling narrative captures the cataclysmic urgency of political and religious conflict in early modern Europe. He is obviously a historian with a winning hand.”–The Houston Chronicle

“An exciting narrative. . . . Never before has actual battle been described in such detail and rarely with such flair.”–Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Excellent. . . . Hanson does a good job of conveying the excitement and danger of the individual sea battles." –Chicago Sun-Times

“Brilliant. . . . Hanson is a meticulous historian and a compelling storyteller. This is one of those rare works of popular history that, like Alan Morehead’s The White Nile or Barbara Tuchman’s The Guns of August, makes a half-remembered story from school seem both real and relevant.”–Newsday