Bar Mitzvah Disco: The Music May Have Stopped, but the Party's Never Over (Hardcover)

The Music May Have Stopped, but the Party's Never Over

By Nick Kroll, Jules Shell, Roger Bennett

Crown Archetype, 9781400080441, 256pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2005



The Music May Have Stopped, but the Party’s Never Over.

Bar Mitzvah Disco
. Everyone's Invited

Pick up your table card and come be our guest on this journey back to a time when style, music, and lust went hand in hand with a Day-Glo necklace, a pair of Z Cavaricci jeans, and Vuarnet shades. In this parallel universe, tall girls slow-danced with short boys at arm’s length, suburban break-dance pioneers vied with Lionel Richie fanatics for dance-floor space, Aunt Edna came ready to mount an assault on the dessert buffet in her best lime-green polyester pantsuit, and the phrase “the higher the hair, the closer to God” took on a whole new meaning.

With special appearances from:

AJ Jacobs, 99 red balloons, Ben Lee, the California Raisins, a well-intentioned Burt Reynolds impersonator, Jessi Klein, Joel Stein, DJ Squeak E. Clean, members of Foreigner (circa the Agent Provocateur tour), Sarah Silverman, OJ Simpson, Noah Tepperberg, Wendy Spero, the cast of Breakin’, Mark Ronson, Steve Fortgang and southern Florida’s number one Bar Mitzvah band

Bar Mitzvah Disco is an irresistible journey, two parts Fantasy Island to one part Vegas, rife with gorgeous girls, piles of cash, and ungracious thank-you notes presented straight from the source.

Praise For Bar Mitzvah Disco: The Music May Have Stopped, but the Party's Never Over

"A collection of more than 30 photographs culled from bar and bat mitzvahs from the 70s to the early 90s with essays by friends of the authors like Sarah Silverman and A.J. Jacobs, Bar Mitzvah Disco…is at first glance a nostalgia tour through an era of unprecedented bourgeois tackiness. But…it is also a cultural history, albeit one with a Duran Duran backbeat." —New York Times Styles

"For a delicious buffet of glitzy, pubescent ostentation, check out Bar Mitzvah Disco." —HEEB Magazine

"Bar Mitzvah Disco puts on a brand-new suit and congalines through that sometimes wild religious rite of passage. Manhood never looked so pubescent. Or fun." —GQ

"An entertaining collection of personal essays and anecdotes about the coming-of-age celebrations." —Esquire

"There is a very special place where the chosen people and The Village People braid together like a half-baked challah, and that place is Bar Mitzvah Disco. More than a nostalgic romp through an ill-defined time, BMD isolates and stares in blushing wonderment at the fashions, rituals, and music of an era that looked at feathered hair and rhinestone scrunchies and thought, Awesome." —Blackbook Magazine