Superman and the Men of Steel (Hardcover)

By Grant Morrison, Rags Morales (Illustrator)

DC Comics, 9781401235468, 256pp.

Publication Date: August 7, 2012



A New York Times Best Seller

DC Comics took a bold step and renumbered the longest-running monthly comic, Action Comics, to #1 for the first time since 1938 as part of the DC Comics--The New 52 event.

With this renumbering comes a new creative team featuring comics legend Grant Morrison and fan-favorite artist Rag Morales. While Morrison is no stranger to writing the Superman character, having won three Eisner Award's for his work on All-Star Superman, Action Comics will be something new for both old and new readers and present humanity's first encounters with Superman, before he became one of the World's Greatest Super Heroes. Set a few years in the past, it's a bold new take on a classic hero.

Superman: Action Comics Vol. 1: Superman and the Men of Steel includes issues 1-8 of the monthly series.

About the Author

Writer Grant Morrison is known for his innovative work on comics from the graphic novel Arkham Asylum to acclaimed runs on Animal Man and Doom Patrol, as well as his subversive creator owned titles such as The Invisibles, Seaguy and WE3. He has also written best-selling runs on JLA, Seven Soldiers Of Victory and New X-Men and recently helped to reinvent the DC Universe in All-star Superman, 52 and Batman.

Praise For Superman and the Men of Steel

“Believe the hype: Grant Morrison went and wrote the single best issue of Superman these eyes have ever read. This rebellious, working man's hero is a different guy from any Man of Steel most of us have seen before.”
USA Today
“A ripping read.”
Entertainment Weekly
— YAHOO! Associated Content
“A solid superhero comic with good action.”
Time Out Chicago
“It's fresh air. I like this all-too-human Superman, and I think a lot of you will, too.”
—Scripps Howard News Service
“Casts the character in a new light, opens up fresh storytelling possibilities, and pushes it all forward with dynamic Rags Morales art. I loved it.
The Onion AV Club
“With a heavy dose of philosophy tied to his characterizations, Action Comics is already showing signs of being a typical Grant Morrison yarn. For those of you who aren't familiar with his work, that's a ringing endorsement.”
“Captures the spirit of what makes Action Comics great for the modern age…. Strong, well-executed superhero imagery and storytelling that flows effortlessly.”
—Comic Book Resources, Five-Star Review
“A different and welcomed twist to Superman.”
“Brassy and brash.”
— io9