Play Piano in a Flash!: Play Your Favorite Songs Like a Pro--Whether You've Had Lessons or Not! (Paperback)

Play Your Favorite Songs Like a Pro--Whether You've Had Lessons or Not!

By Scott Houston

Hyperion Books, 9781401307660, 145pp.

Publication Date: January 14, 2004



As seen on public television stations nationwide, a revolutionary new approach to playing non-classical music on the piano. Have you ever wished you could play the piano Well, now you can Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston teaches you to play the way the pros play, in a style enormously simpler than traditional classical piano and with an absolute minimum of note-reading. By focusing on playing the melody with the right hand (one note at a time) and simple chords with the left hand, Houston gives you the tools you need for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Best of all, your tour guide to this adventure forces you to have fun along the way.

About the Author

Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston's background combines a degree from Indiana University with over fifteen years of experience in the music industry. From teaching to playing professionally to managing a music publishing company, he has been a part of many aspects of the music world. Realizing that most students do not aspire to become concert pianists, but rather want to enjoy being able to sit down at a keyboard and play their favorite music, he has taught thousands of students successfully at universities and colleges nationwide.