Mail Call (Paperback)

By R. Lee Ermey

Hyperion, 9781401307790, 256pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2005



Keep your butt down and your ears up, people, 'cause here comes a tie-in to the hit History Channel show, featuring outrageous host R. Lee Ermey, who answers questions about military technology -- past, present, and future.

Now in its fourth season, Mail Call is the most popular program on the History Channel and the only show in America where the host has a bazooka and knows how to use it In this tie-in book, just as on the show, R. Lee Ermey -- in his singular, in-your-face style -- provides entertaining and little-known facts about the vast arsenal of deadly hardware used by the armed forces. Mail Call is filled with historical anecdotes, interesting factoids, quotes from top military experts, and much more.

This book is sure to appeal not only to military nuts and "gear heads," which is a very sizable audience in itself, but also to garden-variety history buffs; Ermey's repertoire runs the historical gamut from ancient catapults to Samurai swords to Civil War cannons to modern grenade launchers.