The General and Mrs. Washington: The Untold Story of a Marriage & a Revolution (Hardcover)

The Untold Story of a Marriage & a Revolution

By Bruce Chadwick

Sourcebooks, 9781402206955, 406pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2006



Praise for The General & Mrs. Washington:
?Chadwick's brisk narrative comes as close as we are likely to get to an understanding of the Washington union?A deft portrait of the Washington team, building a life together and, eventually, a new nation.?
-Kirkus Reviews
?Just when you thought you knew the story of America's founding, along comes Bruce Chadwick with this remarkable new way of seeing the American Revolution. It's a love story between two iconic Americans: George and Martha Washington. This book reminds us that their partnership helped make us who we are today.?
-Terry Golway, author of Washington's General and Let Every Nation Know
?One of George Washington's secret weapons in his rise to power and immortality was the extraordinary woman he married. The story of the half-century-long married love affair of George and Martha Washington is truly inspiring. Bruce Chadwick vividly brings to life a time of turmoil and hope in a book that should endure as a fine example of historical journalism.?
-Willard Sterne Randall, author of George Washington: A Life
?Using surviving letters to and from other relatives and friends, as well as diaries, orders to merchants and descriptions by their contemporaries, Chadwick takes his readers through the story of a forty-year marriage, from the courtship of the heroic frontier colonel and the young widow, through the sudden death of George Washington and the last, painfully sad, years of Martha Washington's life.?
-Mary V. Thompson, research specialist, Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens
?Enhances our understanding of the nation's first ?first couple, ? but it does even more. It is a fine work of social history, providing keen insights into how people lived, worked and amused themselves in eighteenth-century America. This is a book with value both for history buffs and serious students of early American history.?
-John Ferling, author of Setting the World Ablaze and A Leap in the Dark