The World's Best Memoir Writing (Paperback)

The Literature of Life from St. Augustine to Gandhi, and from Pablo Picasso to Nelson Mandela

By Eve Claxton

Sourcebooks, 9781402209758, 435pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2007



Amazing life stories told in their own words
These are the people who changed the world. In one volume, centuries of great artists, writers, thinkers and athletes share the stories of their lives. Organized chronologically from youth to adulthood to old age, you?ll see the history these men and women were born into and how they changed it, from ancient Europe to contemporary Africa.
From Charlie Chaplin's childhood walks through Victorian London to the day Muhammad Ali discovered boxing, from Mahatma Gandhi's experiment with cigarettes to Primo Levi's capture by fascist militia at age 21, from Charles Darwin on his lifelong love-his work-to Nelson Mandela on being released from prison at age 71, The World's Best Memoir Writing is a uniquely enjoyable immersion into some of the world's best, and most personal, writing.
?The reader is very aware of the marvelous, pulsing veined and passionate, unique-to-every-individual life force...fascinating.?
-Daily Mail
?Occasionally a book comes along that is so well conceived and artfully constructed it demands a place on a book lover's shelf-[ The World's Best Memoir Writing] is one. Moving, emotional, revealing-this is a book that devotees of the written word will read again and again.?
-Daily Record
?Bold and endlessly diverting; insightful, humane and re-readable: a perfect gift.?
-Scotland on Sunday

About the Author

Eve Claxton was born in London and is now based in Brooklyn, New York. She has written about books, films and culture for many publications on both sides of the Atlantic. This is her first anthology.