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Life's a Bark

What Dogs Teach Us about Life and Love

Larry Kay


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Long gone are the days when being treated like a dog was a bad thing. Today, our canine companions thrive under our encouragement and love, but surprisingly, we don't always treat other humans, or even ourselves, the same way. There's so much our dogs can teach us about living a fun, fulfilling life--if only we'd sit up and listen

In this charming book of woof wisdom, you'll discover how to play fair, chase adventure, love unconditionally, and unleash your awesomeness by treating yourself--you guessed it--just like a beloved dog. Take a page from the dog's playbook of life with inspiring tips and lessons like:

- Praise yourself. Seriously. Right now. Even if it makes you feel self-conscious, give yourself a compliment. You're worth it.
- The next time you're with a loved one, give a spontaneous hug, kiss or friendly squeeze. Bonus points if they return the gesture
- Whenever you have an impulse to do something unhealthy, instead tell yourself, Good human every five minutes for the following half hour as a thumbs up for fighting the urge.

Featuring hilarious, heartwarming pictures of your favorite breeds, Life's A Bark is the perfect gift for dog lovers and anyone looking to put the happy back in their howl.

Sourcebooks, 9781402293498, 128pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2014