The Math Book: From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension, 250 Milestones in the History of Mathematics (Hardcover)

From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension, 250 Milestones in the History of Mathematics

By Clifford A. Pickover

Sterling, 9781402757969, 527pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2009



Math's infinite mysteries and beauty unfold in this follow-up to the best-selling The Science Book. Beginning millions of years ago with ancient ant odometers and moving through time to our modern-day quest for new dimensions, it covers 250 milestones in mathematical history. Among the numerous delights readers will learn about as they dip into this inviting anthology: cicada-generated prime numbers, magic squares from centuries ago, the discovery of pi and calculus, and the butterfly effect. Each topic gets a lavishly illustrated spread with stunning color art, along with formulas and concepts, fascinating facts about scientists lives, and real-world applications of the theorems.

About the Author

Clifford A. Pickover received his PhD from Yale in Biophysics and Biochemistry, and has written more than 40 books and over 200 articles. For many years he was the lead columnist for Discover magazine s Brain-Boggler, and is known for his calendar and card sets, Mind-Bending Visual Puzzles. Currently, he writes the Brain Strain column for Odyssey, is associate editor for the scientific journal Computers and Graphics, and serves on the editorial board for Odyssey, Leonardo, and YLEM. His computer graphics have appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, and his research has received considerable attention from such media outlets as CNN, the Discovery Channel, The New York Times, and WIRED."