The Camp System (Paperback)

By Jane Shuter

Heinemann Library, 9781403432018, 56pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2003

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"The train arrives, 45 wagons with about 6,700 people, about 1,450 of them dead on arrival. They leave their baggage, undress, have their heads shaved, then go into the death chamber." This is part of an account by Kurt Gerstain an SS officer who served at Belzec death camp. Belzec was just one camp in a whole system created to carry out the Nazis' Final Solution--the mass murder of Jews and others that we now call the Holocaust. 'The Camp System' shows how the Nazis created a huge network of camps, from the first concentration camps for their political opponents, to the death camps where millions of Jews and other undesirables were gassed. This book explains how the SS ran the camps and why they valued some prisoners more than others. Each book includes: first-hand accounts from people involved in the Holocaust; an in-depth study of a key topic mentioned in the book; detailed timeline to help place important events; and a further reading and sources section.