Palestrina - His Life and Times (Paperback)

By Zoe Kendrick Pyne

Thomson Press, 9781406743548, 232pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2007

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GIOVANNI PIERLUIGI DA PALESTRINA His Life and. Times. By ZOE KENDRICK PYNE LONDON JOHN LANE THE BODLEY HEAD LTD. vico STREET, w. l MCMXXII PE1KTKD IN GREAT BRITAIN BY WILLIAM CLOWE AMD SOMJ, LIMtTCP LONDON AND BBCCLI3 TO JULIA WILDE PREFACE WERE I to place on record here the names of all who have given me help in writing this book these few lines of preface would grow inordinately, but I cannot deny myself the pleasure of acknowledging that of the late Mrs. Edmond R. Wodehouse, in whose hands it would have been my dearest reward to place the finished work, and of Mr. J. A. Fuller Maitland, to whom my deep gratitude is due for valuable criticisms and suggestions, For the translation of the Mantuan letters, etc, , I have to thank Mr. J. M. Rigg, while Dr. Ludwig von Pastor and the late Dr. Bannister helped me greatly in procuring access to the Vatican and other libraries. If the result of so many advantages helps any lover of sixteenth century a cappella music to a better understanding of the subject it will not have been in vain. ZOE KENDRICK PYNE. vii CONTENTS With list of published works in chronological order in brackets. INTRODUCTION PAGE General Survey ., . . . . . . xiii CHAPTER I Biithplace Early life Musical education Appointment to S, Agapito - Marriage Change in prospects f . i CHAPTER II Julian choir First Madrigal First book of Masses, 1554 . . ix CHAPTER III Enters Pontifical choir First book of Madrigals, 1555 Dismissal Becomes choirmaster of Giovanni Laterane Impropcna and Lamentations 27 CHAPTER IV Leaves Giovanni in Laterano Goes to S. Maria Maggtore First book of Motets for four voices, 1563 Second book of Masses, 1567 Missa Papac Marcelli 41 CHAPTER V Third book ofMasses, 1570 UAomme am Cardinal Ippoiita dEste as patron Book of Motets for five, six, and seven voices, 1569 Relations with Duke of Mantua 59 CHAPTER VI Directs the music for S. Filippo Neri at his Oratorios Returns to Julian choir M tdrig li Spiritual 8 CHAPTER VII Pupils and disciple 94 ix X CONTENTS CHAPTER VIII TAGS Second book of Motets for five, six, and seven voices, 1572 Death of Cardinal dEste Of his son Ridolfo Of his brother SiUa New set of Lamentations Third book of five, six, and seven voice Motets, 1575 Signal honour from the town of Palestrina Death of his son Angelo Affair of the Directorium Chori Death of his wife Remarriage - Death of two grandchildren toz CHAPTER IX First book of Madrlgali Spirttuah for five voices, 1581 Second book of Motets for four voices, 1581 Project, later abandoned, to live in Mantua Fourth book of Masses, 1582 f 118 CHAPTER X The Company of Rome Motets on The Song of Solomon for five voices, 1584 Book of Motets for five voices, 1584-Tu ea Pastor ovium Assumpta est Maria Composer to the Pontifical Choir, . . . t .,130 CHAPTER XI Death of Duke of Mantua Second book of Madrigals for four voices, 1586 Life in Palestrina Some inquiry into Pierluigis alleged poverty First book of Lamentations for four voices, 15881 Hymns for all the year, 1589 Fifth book of Masses, 1590 Offertories for all the year, 1593 Litanies, four voices, 1593 Sixth book of Masses, 1594 Last illness, and death, 145 CHAPTER XII Last rites Grave Exact place now unknown Seventh book of Masses, 1594 Iginos connection with his fathers unpublished works Volumes VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII of Masses, pub lished by two Venetians Second volume of Afadrigali Spiritual, 1594- XIX Centery tIn the Collected Edition appeared hitherto unpublished works Volumes XXI 1 1 and XXIX, Masses 5 VI and VII, Motets XXVI, Litanies XXVII Magnificat XXVIII, Madrigals XXV two sets, Lamentations and three volumes, XXX, XXXI, and XXXII of incomplete, doubtful, spurious, and recently discovered works . . .158 CHAPTER XIII End of Roman School Attempts to rekindle interest in X9th century 172 CHAPTER XIV Controversy as to year of Pierluigis birth Concluding remarks . INDKX TO MASSES ......... 191 APPENDIX ., ......., 2x5 GCNXRAL INDKX, ...