Hurricanes in Paradise (Paperback)

By Denise Hildreth

Tyndale House Publishers, 9781414335575, 375pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2010

List Price: 13.99*
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When Riley Sinclair stepped into her new job as director of guest relations at a posh resort on Paradise Island, she felt the final pieces of her once-broken life coming together. But the waters become choppy when Riley discovers that some who come to the Atlantis Hotel are accompanied by paralyzing secrets and overwhelming fears. Riley and three guests are in desperate but unknowing need of each other, eventually forging unlikely yet powerful friendships. With a hurricane headed straight for the island, together they embark on a journey of laughter, heartache, and healing.

Conversation Starters from

  1. At the beginning of the story, Laine and Riley each misjudge the other. How much credence should we give our first impressions of people? How can we wisely and charitably relate to people who initially rub us the wrong way? How should we respond if our first impressions are proven false? when they are proven true?
  2. Laine is a demanding guest at times, forcing Riley to cancel some personal calendar events. How does she treat Laine with compassion and humility? What causes Riley to snap at Laine? How should we deal with difficult people?
  3. Riley chooses to work in the hospitality field and takes responsibility for her guests’ needs, no matter how small or nitpicky. There are times we “may be entertaining angels,” so what are some practical ways we can show hospitality to those around us?
  4. Winnie seems especially attuned to the problems of others but is seemingly unaware of the “hurricane” she’s experiencing in her own life. Why do you think that is?
  5. Though relationship problems aren’t often as extreme as Tamyra’s, each of us has encountered people who, given the opportunity, might manipulate, use, or abuse us. How can we recognize unhealthy relationships? What are appropriate measures when we find ourselves in these situations?
  6. Tamyra was afraid that God was upset because of her poor choices. Have you ever felt you’ve done something to anger God? What was the healing process like for you? If you still feel that this comes between you, what steps can you take to reconcile with Him?
  7. Both Riley and Laine have difficulty forgiving themselves for significant events they were responsible for. Why is it so hard sometimes to forgive ourselves? Psalm 103:8-12 has some beautiful thoughts on forgiveness.
  8. Throughout the course of the story, Winnie learns that the pain she experienced in losing Sam showed the depth to which she loved. Have you ever lost something dear to you? How did you respond in that circumstance?
  9. Riley trusts Mia with her life story, only to have this information used against her. Do you agree with Riley’s decision not to press charges? How do we forgive people who have deliberately harmed us?
  10. Laine and Tamyra reach a point of peace about the circumstances in their lives, but both women see additional trials. Some people think if there is a God, then no one should experience any pain. So why does God allow bad things to happen in our lives, even when we’re seeking Him? How should we respond when those times come?
  11. Have you ever been in a desperate situation where you felt completely at the end of your rope? If you feel you ought to, share this situation with people whose counsel you trust. What has this situation taught you about yourself? about God? about other people in your life?
  12. Each of us has different places we turn during the “hurricanes” of life. When you face difficult times in your life, where do you turn? Is that the healthiest place for your heart or should you turn somewhere else?