Exuberance (Digital Audiobook)

The Passion For Life

By Kay Redfield Jamison, Bernadette Dunne (Narrator)

Publication Date: June 6, 2004

Other Editions of This Title:
Digital Audiobook (9/20/2004)
Paperback (9/13/2005)
Hardcover (9/21/2004)


We have learned much about depression, but what about its opposite? Why hasn't the human emotion that lifts us, inspires us, drives us on, and makes life worth living been discussed-and celebrated? In this outstanding book, bestselling author Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison explores exuberance in all its unrestrained, joyful energy, and shows how its unique vitality is essential to our existence. Jamison points to the contagiousness of laughter, excitement, and positive feelings, and how it plays a role in choosing a mate, in the giddiness of new love, music, and religious ecstasy. She also discusses our dangerous desire to simulate exuberance by using drugs or alcohol. Most of all, Jamison points to some of our most famous artists and scientists to show how they all share an exuberance for life that inspires their discoveries, drives, and the force to persevere even when it seems the odds are against them.