Heart of the Assassin (Hardcover)

By Robert Ferrigno

Scribner, 9781416537670, 368pp.

Publication Date: August 11, 2009



The third volume in the wildly entertaining epic trilogy that began with Prayers for the Assassin—where a retired shadow warrior and his wife battle to save a futuristic America con- tolled by an Islamic regime.

With its neo-Orwellian setting and “genuinely fright- ening” (The New York Times) premise in which most of the United States has become an Islamic republic, Robert Ferrigno’s Assassin novels have prompted readers to sit up and take notice. Now, he returns once again to the blood-soaked dystopia in Heart of the Assassin—the final installment in his provocative page-turning trilogy.

Time is running out for the two nations that once made up the former U.S.A. Weakened by their division, both the Islamic republic and the Bible Belt are threatened by the expansionist dreams of the Atzlan Empire to the south, and their own intellectual decay engendered by their fundamen- talist beliefs. The only solution is to reunite the two nations and regain its former glory, and there’s only one way to do it. And only one man, Rakkim Epps, who can. Time is also run- ning out for the arch enemy of the trilogy, the Old One. Over 150 years old, long used to the idea of near immortality, he is dying, and with him the idea of creating one world under his domination. His solution is to reunite the Islamic republic and the Bible Belt, a first step in his march to power. His plan involves his voluptuous and deadly daughter Baby...and none other than Rakkim himself.

In his Assassin novels, Ferrigno has created a futuristic world that is at once completely familiar and utterly different. Filled with bold cinematic imagery, compelling characters, and riveting suspense, Heart of the Assassin is a satisfying thriller with timely appeal.