The Face of the Earth (Paperback)

By Deborah Raney

Howard Books, 9781416599975, 368pp.

Publication Date: May 14, 2013



From the award-winning author of After All, a man finds his wedding vows tested after his wife disappears.

What if she never came home . . . ?

When Mitchell Brannon's beloved wife sets off for home after a conference, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. Mitch returns from work early that evening, surprised that Jill's car isn't in the garage. But her voice on the answering machine makes him smile. "Hey, babe, I'm just now checking out of the hotel, but I'll stop and pick up something for dinner. Love you." Hours later, Jill still hasn't returned, and Mitch's irritation turns to dread.

When the police come up empty, Mitch enlists the help of their next-door neighbor, Jill's best friend, Shelley, to help search. As hours turn into days and days into weeks, Mitch and Shelley's friendship grows ever closer--and decidedly more complicated. Every lead seems to be a dead end, and Mitch wonders how he can honor the vows he made to a woman who has seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth.

Praise For The Face of the Earth

"This amazing story is difficult to put down until the ultimate resolution. . . . Raney's novel is gut-wrenching, but incredibly satisfying."

“Deborah Raney’s a total pro. Her latest book explores some painful areas of marriage—temptation, betrayal, and loss of trust. But with her exceptional skill and bedrock respect for marriage itself, she turns The Face of the Earth into a story both profound and memorable—even joyous.”

-Sibella Giorello, author of the Christy-award winning Raleigh Harmon books

“With a skillful blend of the details of small town life, shattering mystery, and deep faith, The Face of the Earth delivers a most satisfying read.”

-Dorothy Love, author of Every Perfect Gift

“Deborah Raney had me hanging onto every word. She never disappoints. It’s another wonderful story from a skilled writer. The Face of the Earth is engrossing, great suspense and drama. It’s an absorbing story and a message to the heart.”

-Yvonne Lehman, author of Hearts that Survive

The Face of the Earth by Deborah Raney truly worried me, but in a good way. The characters are so believable, the situation so plausible, the unfolding of the story so gripping that from the first chapter I went mentally all in for the emotional journey. This is Deb at her best!

-Mae Nunn, author of A Texas Ranger’s Family

The Face of the Earth is a tightly-written page-turner. Raney’s well-developed romantic element makes her novel sing.”

-Eric Wiggin, author of The Hills of God and The Recluse

“Love page-turners? Tension? Romance? A story that grips you from page one and never lets go? The Face of the Earth delivers on all counts—and more. I relished this book.”

-Creston Mapes, bestselling author of Fear Has a Name

“Raney is a master at probing volatile topics with finesse and compassion—and without ever backing down. Reading The Face of the Earth, I slipped beneath the skin of both the wife and the ‘other woman’ and will never look at marriage in the same way again.”

-Tamera Alexander, bestselling author of A Lasting Impression and To Whisper Her Name

“A thought provoking, page-turner of a book. Deb Raney once again offers readers a compelling read that also challenges us to think a bit deeper. Highly recommended.”

-Kathryn Cushman, author of Almost Amish

“Deborah Raney’s The Face of the Earth is a heartfelt exploration of commitment tested by loss and uncertainty, tempered by grief, and set free by faith. The author has drawn characters living a happy ‘normal’ life that is disrupted in a painful and confounding way. Only faith and obedience to God’s will can bring the peace they seek and restore a future of hope and joy.”

-Kristen Heitzmann, award winning author of Secrets and The Breath of Dawn