Here's How I See It: Here's How It Is (Hardcover)

Here's How It Is

By Heather Henson

Atheneum Books, 9781416949015, 270pp.

Publication Date: April 28, 2009



here's how i see it

Rave reviews, an endless request for autographs, my name in lights on Broadway.

here's how it is

The audience is half empty, I spend zero time onstage, my dad's midlife crisis is about to ruin the playhouse...and my family.

Junebug dreams of being a leading lady someday. A serious actress, a stage actress, a real actress. And it should be easy for her to get her start -- her parents own the Blue Moon Playhouse, after all, and her dad performed on Broadway (once). But the truth is, at (almost) thirteen, she's not even a supporting actress or a stand-in or an understudy or even a child actor has-been. In the current Blue Moon production, her role is this: thunder, props...and stagehand (gopher, actually). And lately it seems like maybe the stagehand mindset -- go unnoticed, don't say a word -- is rubbing off on Junebug's personality. She's starting to feel as though her opinions never count, her worries aren't taken seriously, that she's becoming the ultimate stagehand: invisible. And that's not a role she's happy with.

From author and former playhouse insider Heather Henson comes a novel about growing up, standing out, and what it means to live your life just outside of the spotlight.

Praise For Here's How I See It: Here's How It Is

"Alternating Junebug's fantasies ("Here's how I see it: As a famous Broadway actress, there are so many demands on my time") with her more mundane reality ("Here's how it is: Office Duty"), Henson creates a funny, bittersweet story filled with colorful personalities and plenty of backstage detail and drama." -- Publishers Weekly

"Age-appropriate dialogue and a likeable ensemble cast are set against a backdrop of the theater -- creating a perfect stage for this tale of finding one's way amid an unscripted life. Even reluctant readers will keep turning pages to see if all's well that ends well." -- BookPage