Entr@pment: A High School Comedy in Chat (Hardcover)

A High School Comedy in Chat

By M. Spooner

Margaret K. McElderry Books, 9781416958895, 307pp.

Publication Date: June 2, 2009



Bliss Taylor and Tamra Gray are absolutely convinced that their boyfriends’ hearts lie in the palms of their hands. But when the girls’ two cynical and mischievous friends beg to differ, a wager is born. An online deception ensues where girl must tempt best friend’s boy, resulting in a comedy of love, hate, flirtation, and revelation. Will the boyfriends remain true to their girlfriends’ hearts? Or is the real question vice versa? Told entirely in chat, IM, text, and blog format, this glimpse into games of the heart is as clever as it is surprising.

About the Author

Michael Spooner is the author of Daniel's Walk and Last Child. He lives in Logan, Utah, and you can visit him online at mspooner.net.