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The Uncensored Word

The Messiah

D. J. Bahr


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THE MESSIAH (Second Edition) completes The Uncensored Word trilogy. This book is filled with instructional type information about respect, good order, and love for our enemies. Christ came into his fleshly existence with a soul full of wisdom beyond man's understanding. Driven by his spiritual connection, he single mindedly executed Father's plan. Once the messages were all delivered, Christ sealed the overall message with his death, resurrection, and promise of return. The chronological combination of twenty-two individual 'books' in the King James Version of the Bible, allows the reader an opportunity to put themselves back in the time when Christ walked this earth in the flesh.

This book focuses on Christ's fourth appearance in scripture: (1) Tree of Life in Garden of Eden (Est. March 4004 BC); (2) Melchisedek (Approx. 1924-1921 BC); (3) Fiery Furnace (Between 461-454 BC); (4) Flesh Life (December 25, 5 BC-30 AD); and, (5) Return and rightful placement as Tree of Life in Eternity.

Each of us came into our fleshly existence with a soul unaware of earlier existence with God. The flesh allows for separation and free-will. Some of us find our way back to GOD through the Messiah before we draw our last breath. Regardless of how we live our life or what we choose to believe, we eventually draw our last breath and find ourselves back with GOD and subject to his judgment.

THE MESSIAH (Second Edition) will help the reader check what they know about Christ with what is actually written. This book helped the author decide if "Lord of Lords" and "King of Kings" meant Christ would be our Lord or if it meant he was born the greatest of both.

Authorhouse, 9781418470081, 348pp.

Publication Date: November 18, 2005