Two Truths and a Lie (Paperback)

By Amanda Griffith

Authorhouse, 9781425944582, 264pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2006

List Price: 15.95*
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Two Truths and a Lie is a story about the daily pressures faced by today's modern teens; sex, alcohol, deception, and belonging. Brandy, sensitive, immature, and bright sophomore in high school, has controlling parents and a dorky friend, Celia. Kirsten, a hip cheerleader offers Brandy popularity, and through her, Brandy gets caught up in a sinful world, leaving Celia in the dust. Charismatic English teacher, Mr. Connors intrigues students with lessons on Julius Caesar, a play of betrayal and murder, that parallels character's actions in the novel. He makes eyes at pretty female students and opens the door for David to do worse. Meanwhile, Brandy's wild activities with Kirsten deepen and verge upon uprooting Brandy's morality. Kirsten urges Brandy to take strong action bucking her parent's authority and the law. That night she encounters the beginning of the worst nightmare she's ever experienced. She begins to question her values, her choices, herself. Racked by guilt, Brandy begins repairing her mistakes, snitching to the principal about a plot against a substitute teacher. But it may be too late to do any good for poor Celia, target of David's bullying. She's been hurting in more ways than one, and Brandy becomes afraid for her safety. Celia no longer trusts her, will not let her help. Alone, Brandy is now the object of gossip. Kirsten reveals her true colors, savagery and a scandalous affair. Brandy stumbling to make things right, encounters David and Jerry, a cute blonde, who unfortunately is David's best bud. David has only threatened her verbally, but now looms a menacing physical danger. David expects his friend, Jerry, to stand by him through the attack, as he has in the past.But Brandy has forged a fragile relationship with Jerry, in spite of both their pasts. Has she lost everything?