Connecticut: 1614-1776 (Hardcover)


By Michael Burgan, Brendan McConville (Introduction by)

National Geographic Society, 9781426300684, 109pp.

Publication Date: August 14, 2007



The Constitution State. Land of Steady Habits. The Provision State. Connecticut has many names, each a colorful insight into the history of this stubborn, gutsy New England state. Eyewitness accounts, lively narrative, and archival images take readers back to Connecticut's formative years. Learn how the rst witchcraft trial and execution in North America took place there in 1647; how a quest for new opportunities and more religious freedom lead Massachusetts settlers to found Connecticut Colony in the fertile valley along the Quinnehtukqut River; why Thomas Hooker's Fundamental Orders, America's first written constitution, was adapted; and how hard work and "Yankee ingenuity" produced the bountiful harvests and the growth of manufacturing that helped win the Revolutionary War.
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