Maryland 1634-1776 (Hardcover)

By Robin Doak

National Geographic Society, 9781426301438, 109pp.

Publication Date: December 11, 2007



First-person accounts, archival illustrations, and historic maps reveal Maryland's rich history. Discover how the colony was founded by Catholics yet largely settled by Protestants; how it was uniquely ruled by a single proprietor; why a ton of tea was burned in Annapolis; how tobacco and wheat were often used as money; and why the American Revolution ended here.
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Praise For Maryland 1634-1776

"...the text provides a well-organized and quite readable account of the colony's history. Discussions of topics such as the "Starving Time" in Jamestown and the "Pocahontas saving John Smith" tale reflect current research and thought more closely than many comparable volumes on library shelves." —Booklist (Review of Virginia 1607–1776)