When Dinos Dawned, Mammals Got Munched, and Pterosaurs Took Flight: A Cartoon Prehistory of Life in the Triassic (Hardcover)

A Cartoon Prehistory of Life in the Triassic

By Hannah Bonner

National Geographic Society, 9781426308628, 48pp.

Publication Date: April 10, 2012



In the style of WHEN BUGS WERE BIG and WHEN FISH GOT FEET this book discusses all the exciting developments of the Triassic Age, from the recovery of the planet from the most deadly mass extinction ever, to the first appearance of the dinosaurs. We also get to meet the first mammals, the first pterosaurs (flying reptiles), the first frogs, a host of predatory marine reptiles, early turtles, and the first coral reefs. With the books' signature blend of humor and clearly presented information, cartoon illustrations help keep the fact-filled material extra fun.
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About the Author

Hannah Bonner's illustrations have graced many publications, including the bestselling Scholastic Science Dictionary and several award-winning National Geographic Kids books. She is also the author and illustrator of When Bugs Were Big, Plants Were Strange, and Tetrapods Stalked the Earth, which Booklist selected as one of its annually awarded Top 10 Science Books for Youth. To learn more, visit hannahbonner.com.