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June 2508

James Bhumi


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JUNE 2508

In a few centuries, man's continuing quest for ever-more prosperity, longevity, and conquest of territory culminates in a drastic scientific breakthrough. It's something terrifying. And it's terrible. Yet nothing else will do it all. The governments quietly promote it. But to be widely accepted, first it has to overcome many hurdles.

This is a Prospective Fiction story of some of these showdowns that occur at the dawn of the 26th century on Mars. . .

--- S. Skiffington, VP Marketing

The story humorously explores the underlying, subtle aspects of Intelligence, Prosperity, Value Of Life, Longevity, Religions, Toolbox, Proximity Factor, Chemistry Of The Sexes, Nigam-Johson Limit, Driving Cars, Making Changes, First Aliens . . .

A book-full of brain candies Some sweet. Some sour. Car Driving's the best . . . Or was it Toolboxes?

--- Prof. E. Godrick

A humorously written, Prospective Fiction story that thoughtfully weaves a foreseeable path to a near future, highlighting many crises, a few that got solved and some that festered.
A young Raemon Teeler-he wasn't born yesterday-emigrates to Mars to see the situation for himself . . . and ends up battling love, Religions, icebergs, aliens. . .

Read and enjoy.--- H. Dreyer, Attorney.

Outskirts Press, 9781432700454, 344pp.

Publication Date: December 9, 2006