The Gods of the Bacteria (Paperback)

The World Before Darwin

By Billy Z. Earley

Outskirts Press, 9781432762490, 136pp.

Publication Date: July 28, 2010

List Price: 14.95*
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Description Review
The long awaited, eagerly anticipated, controversial, action packed book The Gods of the Bacteria has finally arrived, and the question on the minds of most adults, kids, and skeptics alike is, "Is this book worth all the media hype and attention?" The answer is very simple: Big Yes A spectacular magnificent story adventure that will blow you away. Just sit tight and prepare yourself for a real earth shattering experience that will have your eyes visualizing stunning spectacular views until you reach the very last page. Get ready to tuck yourself in for a good long comfortable reading experience; because once you start reading, you won't stop
This is one of the first sophisticated, mind blowing books of its kind, The World Before Darwin. The strength of this book lies in its clever development of key characters and their preconceived notions of good and evil and of right and wrong. Don't fall asleep yet because no one and nothing is safe from this tremendous ending story that will stun most fans into the next future. The Gods of the Bacteria is a very clever, action packed story, about the lives and the gods of the bacteria; told in a story format. This is a colorful, intriguing story of magic and discovery that reaches beyond the curiosity of fans and most dedicated readers. --Samuel Lyons.