The German (Hardcover)

By James Patrick Hunt

Five Star Publishing, 9781432832834

Publication Date: February 22, 2017

List Price: 25.95*
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In England, Kurt Miller is released from prison after serving a thirteen-month sentence for trafficking in narcotics. Prior to his arrest, Miller had been an intelligence agent and analyst for the BND, Germany's federal intelligence agency. Upon his release, Miller returns to Hamburg and finds that all he has treasured is gone. His wife, his career, and his pension. All he has left is his vintage Mercedes, which he has to sell in order to fund his hunt for the people who framed him for a crime he didn t commit. Using his old contacts at BND and his brother's contacts in the criminal network, Miller eventually tracks down the man who turned him into Scotland Yard for drug trafficking. Miller is told that he was set up by a former CIA agent named Carl Tanner. And this is where it falls into place. That is, Miller learns that he was framed for the crime in order to discredit an intelligence report he authored. That is, in order to discredit him. Miller's quest for vengeance takes him into the seedy corridors of Washington power and political games where human life has little value.