Jesus Hates Religion (Paperback)

Finding Grace in a Works-Driven Culture

By Alex Himaya

B&H Books, 9781433682797, 256pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2014

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Alex Himaya writes for those who have been hurt by religious people– who have been betrayed by religion– because he too has been wounded. No longer content with pretending those things don't happen, pastor Himaya retreats with readers back to the Scriptures to see what Jesus thinks about man-made religion.
Himaya, a popular speaker and Bible teacher, draws upon years of pastoral experience, providing insight into the ways religion cripples the church. While it may seem reasonable to earn one's way to God through a works-based system, a religion of rules, Himaya warns readers of the danger of putting their faith in good deeds.
Jesus Hates Religion is not simply another book about Christianity, but a detour sign on the road of life. Himaya points readers away from himself, and towards Jesus saying, "Don’t trust me. Trust God, and let Him speak for Himself."

About the Author

Alex Himaya is the founder and Senior Pastor of, one of the fastest growing churches in America in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Chicago, Illinois. Alex is a husband and father of four children. He is a gifted communicator and Bible teacher, determined to relay the truth of God’s Word in a way that is relevant and applicable to real life. God has given him a vision and a passion for helping all people to connect and advance in their personal journey with Jesus Christ.

Praise For Jesus Hates Religion: Finding Grace in a Works-Driven Culture

Jesus Hates Religion focuses on the sole importance of a relationship with Christ—void of legalism, guilt, and feelings of inferiority. The man-made path of religion has no place in the heart of the Christ-follower, and Alex Himaya brings this concept to life.
Craig Groeschel
Senior Pastor of, Author of The Christian Atheist
I wish I could tell you this is a book you can't put down, but it's not. It's a book you may have to put down. In fact, at times you might even want to throw it away or punch it. But let the radical message of Jesus within these pages make its claim, and the death of your religion will blossom into true life in Jesus.
Dr. Jerry Gillis
Lead Pastor at The Chapel at CrossPoint
The single most important decision a person will ever make concerns their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Alex reminds us that it is not about rules or religion, but an intimate relationship.
Dr. Johnny Hunt
Pastor at Frist Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia