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Cover for The Stone Soup Proposal

The Stone Soup Proposal

The End Time Reversal of Wealth

Justin Case


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This book reveals many secrets and mysteries. It is an expose on banking, oil, the government and the press/media systematically suppressing over five trillion dollars worth of wealth in patents, processes and methods that our team of over a hundred people have found now it the deep treasury of Public Domain. We expose the problem and invite all parties to the table instead of pointing fingers. We provide legal peaceful solutions to regain our Democracy. This means we can now build these patents, processes and methods and make our world a better, safer more lucrative world. We show many high mileage carburetors, alternative energy devices, with new construction materials for desalination and pipelines to restore deserts. Land reclamation, work for shares education, the fastest growing protein on earth for feeding a starving world on site and much more. We provide two pages of hyperlinks to prove our claims. Visit our site to see color plates http: // and to see the first Over Unity device on the planet circa 1688 BC and many new ones. We show you how to claim your share of this huge storehouse of wealth in Public Domain choosing what you want to do and how to get $168,000 in backing for your corporation then networking your corporation with ours. This is an employee owned corporation. You can work at home with us. Much more and many surprises are in The Stone Soup Proposal. Learn, earn and enjoy. Be a part of the solution and make money doing it.

Authorhouse, 9781434311283, 252pp.

Publication Date: August 7, 2007