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A Matter of Resistance

Overcoming Sin as God Intended

Daniel J. Cody


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In the Bible, the Apostle James makes a statement that is imperative to the Christian. He states in chapter 4 of his letter: " Resist the Devil "........... What a powerful statement. In the midst of an outrageously wicked generation, a generation that has lost touch with God and moral and ethical behavior, it is not surprising that the words of James are a direct contrast to what is being lived out in the lives of most people in the world. However this is to be expected in those who do not know God. The pleasures of sin are commonplace among the unsaved and unregenerate. Therefore resisting the Devil is a rather fruitless effort if sought after at all by the sinner. But what about the Christian ? What is our problem? Are we to be categorized as those who have no real answers for the moral struggles we experience as well? Is resisting the Devil a problem in you life? Is restraining yourself from sin a constant battle within you? Is the job of living holy more of a burden than an active pursuit? In order to become an effective participant in the Kingdom of God, holiness is a prerequisite that can never be omitted. God commands us: "Be Holy, just as your father in heaven is Holy". God requires this out of all who follow Jesus Christ. Our strategy then is to resist the Devil, resist evil temptations and to resist those tendencies within us to submit to un-godlike behavior. God has a plan in his Word to bring us into a lifestyle of holy living. It is our responsibility to do what God has prescribed for us. To this end A Matter of Resistance is written.. for you and for me. Daniel J. Cody.

Authorhouse, 9781434312037, 160pp.

Publication Date: September 14, 2007