Silent Cal's Almanack: The Homespun Wit and Wisdom of Vermont's Calvin Coolidge (Paperback)

The Homespun Wit and Wisdom of Vermont's Calvin Coolidge

By David Pietrusza

Createspace, 9781438245409, 214pp.

Publication Date: August 19, 2008


About the Author

Amity Shlaes calls David Pietrusza "an authority on the 1920s and [Calvin] Coolidge . . . David Pietrusza has brought Coolidge back to life with his volumes about the president . . ." He is also the editor of "Calvin Coolidge: A Documentary Biography" and "Coolidge on the Founders: Cal;Reflections on the American Revolution & the Founding Fathers." He is also the author of The Roaring Twenties, an examination of the era for younger readers. A respected commentator, Pietrusza has appeared on C-SPAN BookTV (including "In Depth"), C-SPAN American History TV, MSNBC, The History Channel, NPR, the Fox News Network, Serius XM Radio, ESPN, and the Fox Sports Channel. *** "Calvin Coolidge was one of the greatest presidents of the 20th century and is certainly the most underrated. This book, compiled by one of my favorite historians, will give readers a full appreciation of why silent Cal's wisdom shines like a beacon through the fog of historical amnesia."--Jonah Goldberg "delightful" -- Burton Folsom "great work" -- George Will "a gem of a book"--Elizabeth Kantor "very good"--Blog and Mablog "I dipped into this treasury and gleaned much from [Coolidge's] wisdom."--Thomas F. Roeser