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Alice Lichtenstein


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On a cold January morning Susan leaves her husband alone for a few minutes and returns to find him gone. Suffering from dementia, no longer able to dress or feed or wash himself, he has wandered alone into a frigid landscape with no sense of home or direction. Lost..

Over the course of one weekend, the massive search for her husband brings Susan together with Jeff, a search and rescue expert and social worker preoccupied with his young wife’s betrayal. In Jeff’s care is Corey, a mute eleven-year-old boy who has been abandoned by his family after accidentally setting a tragic fire. As the temperature drops and the search and rescue effort threatens to become one of search and recovery, they each confront haunting memories and difficult choices that will have an unexpected impact on their collective future. .

From the intersection of these three lives emerges an arresting portrait of the shifting terrain of marriage and the devastating effects of physical and psychological damage. Written in spare, beautiful prose, Lost explores the lengths we will go to take care of someone, and the ways in which responsibility, love, and sorrow can bind people together..

Praise For Lost

Lost is gripping, riveting, electrifying, arresting and sometimes frightening. Highly emotional and understatedly intelligent, with several narratives that come together seamlessly and unpredictably. Susan is a great lead character: warm, complicated and totally believable. I hate to say it because it'll sound so commonplace, but it's got to be said: I literally couldn't put this book down.”

— Stephen Dixon, author of Meyer

Lost is a remarkably complex and intricately told story. The nuances and surprising angles of observation Lichtenstein brings to bear upon her characters and on the situations in which they find themselves-her elegant and sly artfulness-are constantly surprising and always illuminating. Alice Lichtenstein has written a novel that is a constant amazement!”

—Robb Forman Dew, author of Dale Loves Sophie to Death

“Here is a virtuoso novel which manages to be both a nail-biting page turner and a lyrical meditation on fate and longing. Lost interweaves the stories of three inimitable characters who feel so real they're likely to enter the reader's dreams. This is the type of book you'll want to press into the hands of everyone you know - for the story is intensely suspenseful and achingly beautiful, a masterful exploration of the intricate, heart-rending ways we all seek to survive.”

—Rebecca Godfrey, author of Under the Bridge

"Lost is a beautiful book, told by a lyrical new voice. A warm welcome to Alice Lichtenstein."

--Roxana Robinson, author of Cost

Scribner, 9781439159828, 256pp.

Publication Date: March 9, 2010