The Kite and the Kingdom: Getting Crisis Under Control! (Hardcover)

Getting Crisis Under Control!

By Lo Kram

iUniverse, 9781440131196, 492pp.

Publication Date: April 24, 2009



A violent response to Michael Kinsley's 'Creative Capitalism'

An effective and practical remedy to the Crisis (in its last chapter), supported with common sense:
1) True Capitalism, but not the Free Markets, had died a few years before the fall of Communism around 1989.
2) No one has yet pointed out the true convincing cause of the current crisis.
3) Most big charitable foundations including Bill & Melinda Gates' Foundation, have fraudulent effects or turn into swindlers without the knowledge of their major or minor actors.
4) Cause of the Crisis: The irrationality in Math, Physics, Economics, Finance and Faith is governed by the same principle and is caused by the excessive 'expert knowledge' in each field.
5) One out of 100 active US adults is likely to attempt suicide in 2009 20% above the 2008 figures. This is an indicator of the direction of human progress unless...
6) Any explanation that cannot be simplified for conveying to a below 15, such mechanism of Macro-Economics, Science, Politics, Business, is most likely a con. How about explaining the current economic crisis to above 15?
7) Exploitation of man and machine is the only way towards progress. Any under-exploitation is a waste of wealth and pleasure that must accompany progress.
8) If the cost of guarding a tree from fruit thieves, birds, is higher than the value of the fruits it gives, the tree is no longer worthwhile to maintain. Today the Capitalistic world is that kind of a tree and the only straight forward wise solution is: True and Natural capitalism
9) Is there a concrete and swift way to solve the current crisis to reduce the threat of the unknown outcome?