Alternative Art Journals (Paperback)

By Margaret Peot

Northlight, 9781440310645, 128pp.

Publication Date: September 19, 2012

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Turn everyday inspirations into one-of-a-kind art journals

Art journaling is a fun way to collect and celebrate your creative thoughts and inspirations. Driven by the concept that we are all inspired in different ways, Alternative Art Journals shows how to create personal and unique journals. You will break free from the bound, white pages of the traditional sketchbook in favor of more customized formats and unconventional approaches.

Will your journal take the form of a clothesline strung with images and ideas? A faux family album inspired by old, anonymous photos? A box filled with found treasures? Open this book and dive in to the free-flowing possibilities...

  • Ten step-by-step demonstrations explore an exciting mix of techniques for crafting art journals in a variety of formats, ranging from scrolls and decks of cards to box assemblages and wearable charms
  • Inventive prompts help get you started and inspire you to approach collecting your creativity in new ways
  • A gallery of ideas for original art journal creations

You will learn to incorporate art into your daily life and embark on a thrilling journey to self-expression.

"An art journal is the private domain of an artist, where you can work out ideas, experiment with imagery, divulge personal truths...a garden in which you are planting the seeds of art." - pg. 6

About the Author

Margaret Peot has made her living as a freelance artist for more than twenty years, painting and dying costumes for Broadway theater, film and television. She is the author of several books on creativity. Visit her website at